Specialising in anti-ransomware, data recovery and ransomware-proof backups

CyberX are Cyber Security Specialists based in Sydney Australia, providing specialist security services Australia wide.

The computer world has changed considerably since we commenced business over 25 year ago. Cyber criminals are rampant; worse “keyboard kiddies” with little IT knowledge can purchase ransomware and viruses to attack your network.

Whether you need basic advice on how to setup a password manager, or prepare your network against a ransomware attack CyberX can help.

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We offer specialist Cyber Security services including



The CyberX online backup system has been designed from the ground up to be reliable, automatic, cost effective and ransomware safe.



The best way to deal with a ransomware attack is not to have one!

So what steps are necessary to avoid, and if necessary mitigate a ransomware attack?


Staff Audit

A Staff Audit involves testing staff and their responses to malicious e-mails and other threats.

Ideally this is teamed with CyberX Staff Training


Staff training

CyberX can train your staff at all levels to enable them to recognise threats and avoid them.

We can provide more advanced training aimed at managers and internal IT staff.

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