Ransomware Specific Defense “RSD” is part of a “layered defence” and shouldn’t be confused with standard “Anti-virus” End Point Protection (EPP) products.

Our RSD solution works as an additional layer to your traditional EPP software. It isn’t based on signatures and is highly effective against so-called Zero Day threats, which are almost impossible to stop by other means.

In our testing we have yet to see an attack not detected. This includes blocking our in-house developed “zero-day threats”, which are tested in a fully isolated sandbox environment.

Uniquely, our solution runs on both servers and workstations. If the server detects an attack from a workstation it will isolate the workstation as well as stopping the attack and notifying the administrator.

With a monthly cost of just $1.90 per workstation and $37 per server, our solution is an affordable and essential solution against the increasing war against ransomware.

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