Are you sure your backup is ransomware proof?

Are you sure your backup is ransomware proof?

Are you sure your backup is ransomware proof? 150 150 Tony Davidson

I’ve been covering a lot on ransomware lately. There’s a reason. It’s the fastest growing form of malware. Simply put – it’s easier for the “baddies” to make money from ransomware than any other form of scam.

The ultimate defense against ransomware is your backup. By ultimate I don’t mean to imply their won’t be consequences (and possibly ugly ones) of needing to go back to a backup. But it is likely you’ll still be in business.

But is your backup truly safe? Are you 100% sure?

Picture this scenario: A hacker somehow gets into your network, but he doesn’t immediately start encrypting your data. Instead he installs a RAT (Remote Access Trojan). He then monitors everything he can on your network and potentially finds out your network administrator password. At this point he will be able to install a RAT on your server and monitor activity there. Including information on your backups. And your offsite backups.

At that point it’s possible he will connect to your offsite backups and either corrupt or encrypt them. Note that all of this is happening prior to you knowing that your network is compromised. It may take months!

At this point the ransomware will be released on your network, at multiple points at the same time.

In the above scenario almost all businesses have been forced to pay the ransom. Or negotiate with the hackers. Or both.

If you’re unsure whether your backup system would survive the above attack please contact us to discuss and possibly review your system. The CyberX backup system includes multiple offsite components that are guaranteed not to be vulnerable to the above type of attack.


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