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How do Facebook accounts get hacked #2? 150 150 Tony Davidson

How do Facebook accounts get hacked #2?

This article follows on from Part 1, in which I discussed how hackers can obtain your Facebook password. Most times people believe their account has been hacked, but it’s been simply “duplicated”. What happens is a hacker will duplicate all key parts of your profile, and if they are particularly determined (and have access), a…

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How do facebook accounts get hacked #1? 150 150 Tony Davidson

How do facebook accounts get hacked #1?

Not a week goes by that I don’t have a friend, relative or business associate with a “hacked” Facebook account. How does this happen? In part 1 of this article I’ll cover some “real” hacks. The most common way accounts are hacked is because you’ve given the hacker your password. Look at the following message…

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Is remote desktop secure? 150 150 Tony Davidson

Is remote desktop secure?

There is an unprecedented number of people currently working from home. Surveys of those working from home have shown that most want to continue this practise in the future – at least on a part time basis. Most home to office connections are via “Remote Desktop” – a Windows system that enables you to see…

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How to communicate securely 150 150 Tony Davidson

How to communicate securely

I’m often surprised to find that clients have sent important confidential information by e-mail. These same clients would ensure if they were posted they were in a sealed envelope – they certainly wouldn’t leave them open for anyone to read. But that is essentially what they are doing sending these via e-mail. In most cases…

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Are you sure your backup is ransomware proof? 150 150 Tony Davidson

Are you sure your backup is ransomware proof?

I’ve been covering a lot on ransomware lately. There’s a reason. It’s the fastest growing form of malware. Simply put – it’s easier for the “baddies” to make money from ransomware than any other form of scam. The ultimate defense against ransomware is your backup. By ultimate I don’t mean to imply their won’t be…

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fake security notices 150 150 Tony Davidson

fake security notices

I’ve mentioned numerous times the need to be careful with warning notices (and other e-mails) with links to external sites. In general, attackers will try to either install malware on your system or steal your credentials. A typical attack doing the rounds at the moment revolves around Googles legitimate warning “Government-backed attackers may be trying…

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why ransomware specific defense (RSD)? 150 150 Tony Davidson

why ransomware specific defense (RSD)?

Everyone will have some form of malware protection on their computer. Either something purchased or at a minimum Windows Defender which is included free with Windows 10 and provides very basic protection. So why would you consider a Ransomware Specific Defense (RSD) product? I’ve previously discussed ransomware and why I consider it the most worrying…

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What is a layered defense? 150 150 Tony Davidson

What is a layered defense?

What is a layered defense and how will it help my business? Most businesses are already using a basic form of “layered defense” but are unfamiliar with the term. A layered defense is simply having multiple “layers” to protect your business against attackers. So that if an attacker penetrates one layer (or finds a bug/hole)…

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Protecting backups from ransomware is as easy as 3-2-1 150 150 Tony Davidson

Protecting backups from ransomware is as easy as 3-2-1

Ransomware attacks will not only encrypt your data and documents, but the attackers will also attempt to locate your backups and encrypt them. If you can prevent this, you can recover from an attack without giving in to blackmail. Ransomware has been a red-hot problem for some time now. Backing up your data is a…

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What makes a good password 150 150 Tony Davidson

What makes a good password

In my previous blogs I’ve mentioned “secure passwords” several times. But what actually makes a good password, and how can I test it? You need a good password in instances where you can’t use a password manager (such as Lastpass). Obviously you can’t type in a 43 character monstrosity every time.  A good password has…

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