How do facebook accounts get hacked #1?

How do facebook accounts get hacked #1?

How do facebook accounts get hacked #1? 150 150 Tony Davidson

Not a week goes by that I don’t have a friend, relative or business associate with a “hacked” Facebook account.

How does this happen?

In part 1 of this article I’ll cover some “real” hacks.

The most common way accounts are hacked is because you’ve given the hacker your password. Look at the following message I received from a Facebook friend:

Which if I’d been silly enough to click the link would go to the page below. Note do not do this at home. I have protective measures in place.

Although you’re probably thinking “that link is a bit obvious”, remember that not everyone will see the link (particularly on a mobile device), and secondly, a lot of third party sites use Facebook for verification purpose.

After entering your information you will be taken to a page like this:

The page above is generally some sort of scam page and most people close it. Not realising that the hacker now has your Facebook credentials. The first time you realise it is when they start sending messages to your contacts. Or worse!

So how do you avoid this?

  1. Think before you click! If in doubt contact the sender, particularly if the message you’ve received seems strange.
  2. Have Two Factor Authentication (2FA) in place. This will ensure if you password is compromised the hacker will most likely be unable to access your account. This option is available from the Settings menu, selecting Security and Login, the Two-Factor authentication on the right side.

In Part 2, I’ll cover some hacks that aren’t really “hacks”.

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