End Point Protection

End Point Protection (EPP) includes protection provided by the old anti-virus products, but goes a lot further. EPP is one component of a “layered defence“.

What technologies does A quality EPP include?

  • Cloud or server based management and monitoring
  • Signature based anti-virus/anti-malware scanning
  • Predictive detection of malware, over and above signature based scanning
  • Assessment of websites for man in the middle and phishing attacks
  • Firewall with more sophisticated features than Windows firewall to block external and internal attacks on computers
  • Block access to removable devices
  • Blacklisting of unwanted applications
  • Process inspector monitoring all processes running and terminate the process if determined to be malicious

All EPP/AV products are not equal. We sell best of breed EPP products that actually protect and don’t just lead you to believe they do. We regularly perform our own in-house testing to ensure that as products evolve, our recommendations remain current.

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