EPP testing

At CyberX we go above an beyond your normal security provider to ensure you are actually getting what you have paid for.

All End Point Protection (EPP) products that we recommend have passed our rigorous procedures.

Initially we refer to the two independent testing sites, av-test.org and av-comparatives.org. Unlike most “comparative sites” that you will find when doing a Google search these sites actually test the products on a regular basis and publish the results.

Products that we deem suitable are then tested in-house in our “laboratory”.

We have built a virtual machine “laboratory” designed to simulate a business network. Our laboratory setup has an Active Directory server and a number of workstations.

We start with a base configuration and then install the EPP or anti-ransomware product. We then run tests against this product to determine its effectiveness. We also make decisions based on the usability of the console, reporting and other factors.

What tests do we run?

  • Simulated virus and ransomware tests. These are designed to simulate a malware attack of numerous know attack vectors.
  • Actual virus attacks using actual viruses; performed extremely carefully.
  • Ransomware tests using our own custom written code. This test simulates a ransomware attack and as the software is written in-house it will truly test how the product handles a “zero-day” attack.