E-mail scanning

Our advanced e-mail scanning system blocks spam and scams by combining “human intelligence” along with pattern matching.

This approach is unique to CyberX.


VPN for Remote Workers

Think your business can’t afford a secure VPN service for remote workers?

Think again! CyberX have a managed VPN service starting at only $20/month for 10 users!

This service is available for all size businesses, and much more affordable than the alternatives.



Ransomware protection shouldn’t be confused with standard “Anti-virus” End Point Protection (EPP) products.

Our anti-ransomware solution works as an additional layer to your traditional EPP software. It isn’t based on signatures and is highly effective against so-called Zero Day threats, which are almost impossible to stop by other means.


End Point Protection

End Point Protection (EPP) includes protection provided by the old anti-virus products, but goes a lot further

All EPP/AV products are not equal. We sell best of breed EPP products that actually protect and don’t just lead you to believe they do. We regularly perform our own in-house testing