How do Facebook accounts get hacked #2?

How do Facebook accounts get hacked #2?

How do Facebook accounts get hacked #2? 150 150 Tony Davidson

This article follows on from Part 1, in which I discussed how hackers can obtain your Facebook password.

Most times people believe their account has been hacked, but it’s been simply “duplicated”.

What happens is a hacker will duplicate all key parts of your profile, and if they are particularly determined (and have access), a lot of your previous posts.

Once they have a fresh new Facebook account setup they will then send friend requests to your existing contacts. After that they are in your inner circle and can start insidious activities as a trusted person.

So how to stop this?

First and most importantly, if you receive a friend request from an existing friend, send them a message, to their original account, asking if they have setup a new account.

Secondly, ensure your privacy settings are correct.

I’m surprised how I often click on a profile of someone “suggested” by Facebook, to find I can see every post they have made back to when they opened their account. This makes it incredibly easy for a hacker to duplicate your account. I personally don’t want every random seeing pictures of me and my kids for the last 10 years.

From the main settings menu, choose Privacy Checkup
Review the settings in your profile. Often these are set to “Public” by default.
Check your post and story settings. If you make a change, you will also need to Limit Past Posts

I strongly encourage you to check your settings and ensure they are what you’d expect. If in doubt use a dummy Facebook account and see what your “non-friends” see of your account.

Even more importantly, use the above process on your children’s accounts, if they have one.

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