why ransomware specific defense (RSD)?

why ransomware specific defense (RSD)?

why ransomware specific defense (RSD)? 150 150 Tony Davidson

Everyone will have some form of malware protection on their computer. Either something purchased or at a minimum Windows Defender which is included free with Windows 10 and provides very basic protection.

So why would you consider a Ransomware Specific Defense (RSD) product?

I’ve previously discussed ransomware and why I consider it the most worrying form of malware. In a nutshell, malware has become “monetised”, meaning criminals can profit from it. Once this happened there was real incentive for criminal elements to attack everyone they can. It’s not personal, it’s just business!

Unfortunately for end-users, it’s extremely easy for criminals to purchase unique ransomware on the “dark web”. No real expertise is required, and for a while the “new” ransomware will be “zero-day”. Meaning it most likely won’t be detected by standard EPP products.

RSD will protect against all ransomware including zero-day!

RSD targets the behaviour of ransomware and blocks it. If the ransomware attacks the server the workstation performing the attack will be blocked from the server. In our testing RSD worked 100% of the time with every attack we could think of.

We are strongly recommending that everyone install RSD. Our preference is to have RSD even if it’s at the expense of a better performing EPP.

Contact us to discuss RSD and how it can easily and cost effectively be implemented into your business.

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