Ransomware – what to do

What to do if you have been hit with ransomware

If you’ve are infected with ransomware please remember this process, and above all, contact CyberX immediately for assistance.

1. Take a photo with your phone of the infection notice.

2. Turn the computer that has been infected off. Immediately. Don’t gently power down, turn it off as it is possibly infecting other computers.

Note that it may be okay to remove the network cable – if you are sure it doesn’t also have access to your WIFI network. If in doubt turn it off.

3. Check carefully for any signs of infection on other computers. If in doubt turn those computers off as well.

4. Contact CyberX immediately for assistance in cleaning the infected computers, and in recovering your data.

In some cases it is possible to decrypt the files, depending on the encryption software. Note that is very rare though – under 1% of the time. More likely we will need to clean the PC(s) and assist you to recover the files from your backup.

We will also assist you to determine the attack vector, or how the attack happened. This is essential to ensure that you do not get reinfected.

We will also review your protection software. Not all anti-virus/end-point software is made equal.